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Patricia Gooch R. R. Pr. is skilled in 3 healing techniques – Quantum Touch®, Reflexology, Healing Touch and Crystal Therapy. Her thorough comprehension of each method offers you the benefit of supported integration, allowing Patricia to design a customized course of healing that best suits your health requirements and comfort. Patricia also offers Angel Card Readings to assist you in achieving energetic clarity in your life. All services, with the exception of Reflexology are offered remotely as well as in person.

Quantum Touch®, Crystal Therapy, and Healing Touch all deal with your body, mind, and soul. As you work towards healing your spirit heals first. As your spiritual body heals your aura transforms. As this process is happening, your physical body, which is the most dense of all three begins to restore itself to health. This is the healing cycle of life. You grow every moment and with new knowledge you are opening yourself up to more of what is possible.

REFLEXOLOGY (This service is only available in person)

QUANTUM TOUCH® ~ “An Efficient Path to Healing”

Like the unseen energy of electricity that provides us with manifestation of light, our own bodies are made of energy that permeates through our cells, muscle, and skin. We do not directly see this energy but we know and interact with what is the manifestation of this energy – our body.

When this energy is compromised by stressors (environmental, emotional trauma, or food), it starts to affect our biological systems. We begin to see the result of this compromised energy in the breakdown of our health. We may feel chronic pain, lethargy, headaches, mood swings, and general loss of vitality and our life force.

As a Quantum Touch® Practitioner, Patricia works with the concepts of INTENTION, RESONANCE, and ENTRAINMENT during a therapy session.

With Intention , Patricia grounds herself energetically with meditative breathing, accessing a deep, intuitive and loving state.

Once in this state, her energetic Resonance is one of high vibration that is conducive to healing.

Through Entrainment , Patricia is able to use this resonance to direct her high vibration energy on areas that are compromised and low in energy, bringing up the low vibrational energy to match her own high vibrational energy.

Each of us has our own biological intelligence. Using Quantum Touch®, Patricia is able to facilitate your innate ability to heal. Quantum Touch® is truly exciting in its efficiency, and extraordinary in its ability to get to the root of aches, pains, and poor health. Quantum Touch® can also be used very effectively in combination with other healing techniques such as Reflexology, Reiki, massage, acupuncture, etc.

Remote Sessions to Purchase via PayPal:

QUANTUM TOUCH® $60 (60 minute session)

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CRYSTAL THERAPY ~ “Absorbing to Release”
All living and non-living objects have an energetic template that holds and gives energy. The energy of crystals can have a direct and positive effect on our own electro-magnetic energy fields.

Along with our “physical” body comprised of matter like skin, organs, muscles and bones, we also have emotional and mental bodies that wrap around our physicality; it is these bodies that are commonly called our “aura”. When crystals are placed on the body, they will affect the energetic bodies – as well as our physical body – creating changes in our own energetic template.

During a Crystal Therapy session, Patricia places crystals on areas of that correspond to acupuncture points, meridians, and chakras. The crystals are selected strategically to infuse that area with the correct energetic frequency to promote release and healing.

You will find a Crystal Therapy session gentle and deeply relaxing. It's a pleasurable way to get the healing results your body requires – and is particularly effect for releasing emotional pain.

CRYSTAL THERAPY SESSION $60 (60 minute session)

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HEALING TOUCH ~ "Bringing you back to balance"

Healing Touch, sometimes referred to as Therapeutic Touch, is a modality that was developed in the 1970s by nurses desiring a more holistic and compassionate way to engage with their patients to help them heal. Like Quantum Touch and Reflexology, Healing Touch doesn't require actual touching on the body in order to comfort and offer therapeutic relief. Much like the premise that when are chakras are misaligned the body is in (dis)ease the premise behind Healing Touch is that when energy is blocked in certain areas of your body you will feel pain and discomfort. This misalignment can also impede healing.

As a practitioner of Healing Touch Patricia, in a 1 hour session, can offer you relief from condition that may be chronic and persistent allowing healing energy to be directed where it will be the most effective.

HEALING TOUCH® $60 (60 minute session)

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REFLEXOLOGY ~ “Relax your Way to Health”
Reflexology is an enjoyable way to receive restoration from the effects of stress. Through nurturing massage and gentle localized pressure, points on your feet receive subtle manipulation that can stimulate healing in your body.

The practice of Reflexology is based on the premise that specific areas of your feet correspond to organs and glands. During a treatment, Patricia gains valuable feedback about what areas of your body require attention.

Using this important feedback, Patricia can combine a Reflexology Treatment with Quantum Touch® and/or Crystal Therapy for an integrated approach to healing. Beginning a deeper healing session with Reflexology enables you to achieve a quieter, more meditative state to facilitate more profound healing results.

PLEASE NOTE: Reflexology sessions can only be done in person and is not offered as a remote service.

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ANGEL CARD READINGS ~ “A Divine Tune-up”

Using Doreen Virtue’s Oracle Cards, Patricia will attend to the questions you submit to her by channeling Angels, Ascended Masters, your own Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels allowing them to speak to her through the Cards.

Angel Card Readings are messages from the Divine offering you inspired guidance for your life. The messages are delivered in love and whenever you need a “Divine Tune-up” this service is there for your personal support.

Readings can be done in person or remotely. Up to five questions can be given to Patricia, the more specific the question the better. The questions can be of any nature and each question will be given honour and respect.

All readings are confidential. If the readings are not conducted in person the answers and channeled information will be submitted to you via email, phone or CD as per request.

The outcome of the reading is subject to interpretation. We all have free will to make choices that will determine the outcome of the guidance given in the reading.

$60 (a maximum 3 questions per reading)

A transcript of your reading will be submitted to you via email.


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  • To ensure the most prompt response you can email Patricia at cloud9freedom@gmail.com once you have made the payment. Please include in your email your full name and the phone number you can best be reached at.
  • If you have any problems or concerns about the payment you can inquire at cloud9freedom@gmail.com or 519-949-0455.

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"Cloud 9 Freedom - Helping You Heal Efficiently & Comfortably"
Patricia Gooch R. R. Pr. is skilled in 3 healing techniques – Quantum Touch® , Reflexology and Crystal Therapy.
Her thorough comprehension of each method offers you the benefit of supported integration,allowing
Patricia to design a customized course of healing that best suits your health requirements and comfort.