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Image of Patricia GoochPatricia Gooch is an experienced, certified practitioner of Quantum Touch®, Crystal Therapy, and Reflexology and an assistant practioner of Healing Touch. Patricia also offers Angel Card Readings to assist you in achieving energetic clarity in your life.

As a child, Patricia was sensitive to energy; if a loved one was hurt or she encountered an animal in pain, she would instinctively lay her hands on the injured area or connect to them energetically through visualization.

While recovering from an illness and a surgery that left her unable to work or lift heavy objects, Patricia decided to explore energy work. She became certified in Reflexology and further pursued Quantum Touch®. The practice of directing healing energy through one's hands, characteristic of Quantum Touch®, was a natural extension of what she was intuitively drawn to as a child.

While studying Crystal Therapy, Patricia observed how Crystal Therapy sessions evoked emotional transformation in her own life and knew it could benefit her clients looking to release and heal emotional trauma.

Now, with the advantage of understanding each healing modality individually, Patricia creates integrated healing sessions that draw from Quantum Touch®, Crystal Therapy, Healing Touch and Reflexology to most effectively and efficiently benefit her clients.

Cloud 9 Freedom located in Stratford, ON, Canada

To book an appointment text or call Patricia at 519-949-0455 or email at cloud9freedom@gmail.com

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"Cloud 9 Freedom - Helping You Heal Efficiently & Comfortably"
Patricia Gooch R. R. Pr. is skilled in 3 healing techniques Quantum Touch® , Reflexology and Crystal Therapy.
Her thorough comprehension of each method offers you the benefit of supported integration,allowing
Patricia to design a customized course of healing that best suits your health requirements and comfort.